WAC-7 Session: Increasing Multivocality through Technology

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December 30, 2012 by Lorna Richardson

Dan Thompson from the Global Heritage Fund, Veysel Apaydin from the UCL Institute of Archaeology, and myself are running this session at WAC-7, which we will run as a forum. If you are interested in joining this discussion remotely or through Twitter, please contact the organisers:

Dan Thompson – archmodint[at]@gmail.com
Lorna Richardson – l.richardson[at]ucl.ac.uk
Veysel Apaydin – veysel.apaydin[at]googlemail.com

Forum outline:
Multivocality has received a great deal of attention in recent years, and this session will explore ways in which technology can be used to increase multivocality and extend its audience. Increasingly, researchers are taking into account the perspectives of indigenous communities and other primary stakeholder groups around cultural heritage sites, but this input is often filtered or edited before its dissemination. How, then, can technology be employed to allow for more extensive and direct multivocality? Inexpensive video recording devices and the internet provide obvious possibilities, but are there other approaches as well? Indeed, though the democratization of online communication and production has pushed boundaries, the internet remains an exclusive enclave for those that can access and use it. Inequalities propagated by the internet are subtle and nuanced.  The digital divide, access to equipment, specialist technical knowledge, and the concept of archaeological authority perpetuate the balance of inequalities of production, access, voice and community in online ‘Public’ Archaeology.

This forum-based session seeks input from researchers promoting multivocality as well as indigenous community members and others who can provide varying perspectives on the origin, purpose and use of cultural heritage sites around the world and methods to communicate that knowledge.

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