Oh No, Not Another Twitter Survey…


January 23, 2013 by Lorna Richardson

Me tweeting at WAC. Photo thanks to @GraemeEarl

Me tweeting at WAC. Photo thanks to @GraemeEarl

So after some interesting experiences over the past week at WAC-7, and indeed the past few years as a confirmed Twitterholic, obsessive attender of archaeology conferences, and regular live-tweeter, I decided that I needed to gather some data about the use, abuse and value of Twitter at archaeological conferences. Archaeologists are slowly, in glacial time, melting towards the idea of using Twitter as a networking and discussion tool, and in the time I have been on it (5 years now, I think) I have seen more and more archaeologists adopt the platform. The archaeological network is active and growing. But what is the benefit of live-tweeting conferences versus filming the whole shebang? Can we get the same sort of experience from live-tweeting as filming? Is it distracting? Rude? Do people think we are just sending texts, discussing breakfast or checking out cute pictures of kitties while they are putting themselves on the line in these conferences? Is tweeting really ‘outreach’ or even ‘public engagement’? And how should we behave when tweeting? After all, there’s not a huge number of us archaeologists in the first place, and the odd tweeted faux pas or obnoxious comment could go a long way…

So, here’s my survey. Eleven questions, quite short, shouldn’t take very long – please take it if you haven’t already!: https://opinio.ucl.ac.uk/s?s=22153

Once the week is up, I will collate the results and post them here.  Feel free to use them, they are for the greater good of the tweeting archaeological community!

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2 thoughts on “Oh No, Not Another Twitter Survey…

  1. For me the first barrier is coming to terms with folk on their screens when they should be listening to the speaker! We’ll never know what % is actually spreading the “news” and continuing the debate! As for glacial melt – it is increasing, as I guess is archaeology’s acceptance of Twitter (as other subjects too). And in geographical terms (I’m a geographer) glacial melt is a retreat, but it leaves exposed an altered and very “new” landscape waiting for discovery, interpretation and recolinisation!

  2. That was kind of interesting – I thought my first post was lost so re-wrote it – you never remember exactly what you said first time! Is the second version better I wonder?

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